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About Us

The Reunion Bar and Restaurant is privately owned, and family run under the directors, Ian, and Lisa Burton. Both previously had been running an extremely successful bar and restaurant based in Saltburn-By-The Sea for the past 9 years. Born and raised in Loftus themselves, Ian dreamed of
bringing something new, exciting, and family friendly to the area. In 2019, he then came across his and his two sons’ former school – Handale Primary. Many other friends and family of the duo also attended the school. 

Former Handle Primary School, operating since the 1900’s, had been closed and abandoned since 2015. The work to be done to change this dated, hollow and damaged building into the warm, and welcoming bar and restaurant that he envisioned, was going to be a challenge… a challenge that he was up for. – Check out our Gallery page to see the amazing before and after transition photos!

Throughout Ian’s work history of at one point owning his own building company, combined with his hospitality experience, he has gained extensive knowledge and skills, resulting in him personally undertaking a great deal of the construction work himself – Knowing what would work perfectly for the future plans. However, we could not have done it without the list of contractors and team members who gave us their time to help turn The Reunion Bar and Restaurant into what it is today, for this, we thank them.

After 3 years of dedication, knock backs, covid, lockdown and progress, The Reunion Bar and
Restaurant is officially open and ready to welcome all near and far. Ian chose a modern industrial
theme throughout with quirky, fun details. Many of the décor being recycled school treasures he
found along the way of his adventure here. Can you spot them?

Team Reunion can’t wait to welcome you all,

We hope you love what we have done with the place! X

When I saw the opportunity of Former Handale Primary school, the memories of mine and my children’s childhood rushed over me. This building has a huge part of my heart and I wanted to create and open somewhere that others who have the same fond memories can come and once again, enjoy the area like they used to. And what better way than with a beverage of choice, some amazing homecooked fresh food and a warm, friendly atmosphere. Phase two of my plans is a children’s soft play area, children of all ages will have the opportunity to play in the same area their parents, aunties/uncles and grandparents used to eat their lunch so many years ago.

I am extremely proud of what we have created and with my amazing team and great customers – let’s put Loftus back on the map!